Wills & Estates Planning Lawyers Ipswich

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Wills & Estates Lawyers Ipswich

No one knows when illness or an accident might happen.

Who will keep paying your bills or make decisions about your medical treatment?

What will happen to your loved ones and your estate after you have gone?

McNamara Law knows that an expertly written will and a well-planned estate brings true piece of mind for your future. It is one of the most important things you can do for your family’s security.

What we do

At McNamara Law, we have a team of dedicated practitioners who practice exclusively in the area of Wills and Estates law.  This expert team can assist you in all areas of estate law including:-

Estate Planning

  • preparation of your will;
  • preparation of your enduring power of attorney;
  • preparation of your advanced health directive;
  • creating a testamentary trust in your will;
  • transfer of property or other assets during your lifetime;
  • other effective ways of protecting your assets during your lifetime;
  • advice regarding superannuation and beneficiary nominations;

Estate Administration

  • applications for probate/letters of administration;
  • collection of estate assets;
  • application for consideration of payment of superannuation benefits;
  • transfer of property to beneficiaries or executors;
  • payment of estate liabilities;
  • distribution of net estate assets to beneficiaries;

Estate Litigation

  • negotiate on your behalf if you have been left out of, or provided for unfairly, in a will of a loved one;
  • court applications to contest a will due to lack of provision, undue influence or lack of capacity;
  • mediations;
  • protecting your interests on settlement of a negotiated claim.

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Wills & Estate Planning

McNamara Law know that an expertly written Will and a well-planned Estate brings true piece of mind for your future. It is one of the most important things you can do for your family’s security…….

Estate Administration & Deceased Estates

When you lose a loved one, often uncertainty follows as what to do regarding their estate.

If you have been named the executor of a will, or appointed administrator, you don’t have to do it alone….

Probate | Letters of Administration

Until you have lost a family member you may not necessarily understand the action of Probate and Letters of Administration….

Will Disputes

If you have been left out of a Will or insufficiently provided for, it is vitally important that you seek the help of a law firm that is experienced in estate litigation matters….

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