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Are You a Victim of Terrorist Act?

Are You a Victim of a Terrorist Act?

On 11 September 2017 we paused to remember the terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre in America in 2001. This marks the 16th anniversary of when nearly 3,000 people were killed.

Remembering this attack also brings to mind that many people were, and may still be suffering ongoing mental health illnesses.

On 21 October 2013 the Australian Government introduced the *Social Securities Amendment (Supporting Australian Victims of Terrorism Overseas)* Act 2012 whereby victims of acts of terrorism of prescribed terrorist acts could have access to a financial assistance scheme.

Unless special circumstances applied, primary victims of those terrorist acts only had two (2) years from the declaration of the schemes operation, 21 October 2013, to make their applications. That time expired on 21 October 2015. Secondary victims only had twelve months, ie until 21 October 2014.

Although it may be too late for primary and secondary victims of Australia to seek financial assistance from this scheme in respect to the World Trade Centre incident in 2001, people can now claim assistance for a number of other acts of terrorism that have been declared. The additional acts of terrorism now include:-

– 2017 Stockholm, Manchester, Baghdad and London (3 June 2017) attacks
– March 2017 London attack
– December 2016 Berlin attack
– July 2016 Nice, France attack
– March 2016 Brussels attacks
– November 2015 Paris attack
– September 2014 Kabul, Afghanistan kidnapping
– March 2015 Tunis, Tunisia arms assault

Primary victims will only have two years from the dates of these attacks to lodge an application for financial assistance. Secondary victims will only have twelve months.

For more information about terrorist act compensation or for assistance in completing the necessary application form please contact one of our injury lawyers on 13 58 28.