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Meryn Jones

By 28 September 2018

Meryn Jones

I wish to commend your Associate Rebekah Sanfuentes as the most exceptional ‘real’ legal eagle who will not, DOES NOT relent in a fight for justice, which was perhaps mainly for my anxiety was settled out of court….. I approached your firm having been recommended by the Qld Institute of Law in my search for representation in the very messy matters of my late sister’s estate. I sought legal advice, meeting your Rebekah Sanfuentes in your Ipswich office and an instant rapport was established plus confidence, that your solicitor, your ‘lady’ knew exactly how to go about a rather ‘tricky’ case, that was very far from straight forward. I can’t recommend Rebekah more highly in each and every decision and/or action she has made in my best interests, or rather my late sister’s best interests. Of course this whole process of my sister’s death has been exceptionally traumatic, emotionally painful and I have suffered massive anxieties since my sister first fell critically ill. Rebekah’s cheerful but highly professional attitude has always given, leaving me with hope and faith. This is along with her personal secretaries and their manners/personalities and professionalism. I have been treated with utmost respect and empathy, consulted at all times where necessary. You have an amazing super woman working within your company who knows exactly what to do when. Rebekah is a more than a credit to McNamara and Associates. She is an assest beyond ‘worth’…. because she is a ‘humanist’. Plus….She has the best, most irrepressable appropriate giggle, ever. This is the sign of a sincere, generous and warm heart. Rebekah is highly creditable, trustworthy… believeable. That with immense courage, Rebekah is a fighter who won’t back down or give up … wow. Watch out world… if Rebekah ever had eyes set out to raise her legal status. I owe Rebekah a sense of dignity that I wish I could bestow upon my sister and my sister’s life. Thanks to Rebekah, my sister will, and can, live on in me. Meryn Jones
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