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Amanda and Gareth

I have an unashamed love of Ipswich!

I live in Ipswich, work in Ipswich, shop in Ipswich and eat in Ipswich. There is so much to love about this city and the amazing people who run some fantastic local businesses.

When we (McNamara’s) recently moved into our beautiful, new/old building at 88 Limestone Street, I was excited to be that little closer to some of my favourite local haunts. I also realised that many of these places were unknown to my colleagues, so I thought it a perfect opportunity to start a post on my some of my favourite local businesses.

My reviews are in no particular order, and are by no means all encompassing. I am certain there are some great places in Ipswich that I have not discovered, and I hope that readers may share some of these places with me.

Strictly Coffee

Strictly Coffee

This is one of my favourite coffee spots in Ipswich, although our relationship is not exclusive. Located on Brisbane Street, across from the Icon building, this coffee mecca is one of the most popular coffee shops in Ipswich.

Its popularity is well deserved. I am always guaranteed a perfect coffee! I acknowledge this is a bold statement, and it is one that I do not make lightly, particularly given the undeniable importance of caffeine in my universe. But there it is.

Gareth makes a superb coffee using freshly ground Di Bella beans, poured to perfection into a bio degradable cup….. decorated with the work of up and coming Australian artists. There is so much to love about this place.

If you are looking for a delicious cup of coffee, in a cosy atmosphere, with fabulous service, then a sit-down coffee at Strictly Coffee is a must. This place tends to attract a friendly crowd, and the large tables encourage conversation. I have met many great people over a soy latte and colouring book at Strictly.

If you are fanging for a slice of cake with your coffee, or you are hoping to drop in on the weekend, you won’t be quite so lucky. The food options are deliberately limited at the moment as the name “Strictly Coffee” would suggest, and they are closed Saturday and Sunday.