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Our lawyers talk about legal issues in our Podcasts

Listen to our legal podcasts; interviews with our lawyers, giving you insight into legal matters that may affect you and your family or business.


Can You Make a Road Accident Claim if You Did Not Get the Details of the Offending Driver?

In this podcast, compensation lawyer, Abe Arends answers the commonly asked question of whether or not you can make a compensation claim in circumstances when you did not get the details of the person who caused the accident.

What is a TPD Claim?

If you’re like most people you may have heard of the term, “TPD Claim” and wondered what it is.

In this podcast, McNamara Law Personal Injury Lawyer, Joshua Brown discusses TPD claims, and in particular how they are different from a general injury claim.

Is Your Estate Planning Up to Date?

The thought of going to Court can be a very stressful and daunting experience.

In this podcast, our Rebekah Sanfuentes discusses her recent presentation at the Future Planning Seminar hosted by the Ipswich City Council in conjunction with Reed & Bottcher Funerals and the Salvation Army.

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