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Peter’s Rant – Bad Advice, Community Events & New Ipswich Premises


July 2017

We have a facebook page and a couple of our lawyers have access to post updates on what we are up to and what community events we are attending and contributing to.

Two of our Ipswich lawyers went to the opening of Aveo at Springfield and one of them posted about how amazing the new property looked and looked like they were giving a recommendation for people to go there. It caused a bit of a facebook frenzy because FB users of the Four Corners report which came out a couple of days later (sheesh you couldn’t pick worse timing for such a post…) and people thought we had some relationship with them which we don’t. A very tricky situation to deal with. We don’t have any relationship with them. They aren’t a client of ours, nor do they refer work to us and we don’t pay or get any kickbacks from them for anything – it’s interesting to see how quickly a facebook post can turn sour. People on facebook were making all sorts of claims about Aveo and also about why we would promote them. Needless to say it was a tricky situation trying to be sure not to be seen to critical of the facebook posters, Aveo or our staff whose genuine enthusiasm for a building seemed to the outside world to mean a lot more than it did. A cautionary tale for businesses to be careful what you say about people and organisation in social media…

We have now been in our new Ipswich premises for about a month

The positives are the huge amount of space we now have (we were a bit cramped at the old offices and the reason for the move was to get more space), we have the staff from two offices together now so it’s a bit easier to coordinate work, clients and staff.

We are still trying to sort out a few things from getting our signage right so people can find us in the complex, getting technology issues right with a few crackly phones and upgrading our IT to stay at the forefront of technology.

June 2017

A client came in this week and collected her Will and took it home and shredded it.

The client lives in a retirement village and a Commissioner of Declarations (like a JP) had told her to do this because they said that her Will left everything to the lawyers who had prepared it (it didn’t). She did a new Will and Enduring Power of Attorney with the Comm Dec and went to get her son to witness the EPA. He saw that the Comm Dec had blank spots in the Will and the EPA wasn’t drawn up properly and told her to come and see us for advice about it. It turns out the Comm Dec has been doing this for lots of residents of the same retirement village and stuffing up all of those peoples wills. Now we need to work out how we can protect those people without breaching client confidentiality – our client doesn’t want to do a statement about it because of the repercussions they might get from the Comm Dec or other residents of the village. He isn’t a lawyer but is giving legal advice and obviously bad advice.

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