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Peter’s Rant – A Meeting with Aveo – Social Media – File Reviews

By 6 August 2017Peter's Rant

August 2017

Kevin, Bekky and I had a meeting yesterday with Aveo about the facebook posts which was quite productive.

It seems their side of the story hasn’t been published by the media and the business of selling news is alive and strong. They have been working for some time on changes to their standard contract to make it clearer and be industry best practice before the introduction of any statutory requirements and have given us a copy of the contract which we are keen to review. Ultimately these contracts are all about what happens when the resident leaves the Aveo community in terms of financial benefit and the time to receive it. We look forward to reviewing the contract and its new protections for residents.

Another timely reminder about social media

I had a photo taken many years ago which was published by an ex employee on Facebook. It wasn’t a compromising photo but I did look like a bit of a goose. An important reminder that once it’s been captured digitally it can be used over and over again….

We are part of a Qld Law Society file review program which is an initiative to ensure the work we do is top quality and done on time.

As part of the program we have an independent review of four files for each of our lawyers every 8 weeks. It is a time consuming task but helps us pick up any issues before they become problems.