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Peter’s Rant – Horror Stories – Happy Clients – Spooky!

By 11 August 2017Peter's Rant

We had a Wills file stress test workshop today with Lexon Insurance which is our insurer.

Some of the war stories that they described are quite scary. One example is quite topical. A Dad made a Will giving each of his children an amount of money that would pay out their HECS debt but because all of the assets in his Will were owned as joint Tenants with his wife there was no money to pay the children because all the assets automatically went to his wife on his death and there was no estate to distribute! We also learnt about the many different horror stories where people own assets like a rental property in a family trust and how things can go wrong if you don’t get a Will drafted properly. It makes sense to get a solicitor to properly review your assets and potential beneficiaries when making a Will so that what you want actually happens.


We have been doing staff reviews in the last few weeks and it has been great to see the good work our people have been doing and the accolades they get from client’s. We hope to post a few of these positive comments to give our great staff credit for the great work they do.


The story of the week however came from one of our solicitors in Ipswich and was reported in the local paper. Our new office at 88 Limestone St used to be a TAFE among other things and the location of her office is the same spot her grandmother did a course many years ago – a little spooky. Read it here