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Michele Linde | Property Officer at McNamara Law


Michele Linde is a Property Officer at McNamara Law

Michele has spent all her working life in legal firms, firstly in Toowoomba, later the Lockyer Valley and has lived in Gatton all her life.

Michele was first employed in a legal firm at the age of 15 and was ‘trained up’ on the job gaining considerable experience in various many areas of law including rural and residential conveyancing, commercial, business sales and purchases, estate planning and administration, litigation and leasing.

Her broad general knowledge and experience is of value to the firm and a benefit for both the firm and our clients.

Michele makes every effort to keep our clients informed of progress with their files and to answer any enquiries they might have during the course of their file, please contact Michele Linde on 07 5462 1566 or [email protected]

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