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David Millwater | Partner of McNamara & Associates


David Millwater is a partner of McNamara & Associates.

David Millwater is a partner of McNamara & Associates and manages the Ipswich Office.

David began his career with McNamara & Associates as an articled clerk in 2001, was admitted as a solicitor in 2003, and became a partner of McNamara & Associates in 2009.

David has fifteen years of practical experience appearing on behalf of clients in Court, negotiating agreements to settle disputes, and getting results for clients on difficult matters. He has a wide background of legal knowledge in areas including family law, personal injury law, crime/traffic law, and civil litigation.

David heads the firm’s family law practice while also continuing to mentor and practice in personal injury and criminal matters.

Family Law disputes are often emotional, complicated, stressful and longwinded. David’s commitment to clients is to resolve their cases in a practical, timely and professional way by finding out what is important to each client and making a structured plan to achieve their outcome.


“We are able to tailor our services to our client’s needs. We assist clients in a wide range of cases from property settlements involving modest assets where economy is the key, up to complicated cases of complex entity structures involving numerous companies and trusts where strategies involving taxation, asset protection, and structuring are part of the focus. Our business is to work out what our clients’ need and deliver it in the most efficient and effective way possible.”

David believes that plain and understandable legal advice is of great importance. “Our job is to give our clients an understanding of the law so that they can make informed decisions. Properly explaining legal advice in a clear and straightforward way helps our clients to feel in control and make decisions confidently”.

Whether it is fighting for a Court outcome or negotiating a settlement David offers a logical, practical, and sympathetic approach to help you get your case resolved.

To arrange a meeting with David you should contact the Ipswich Office on (07) 3816 9555.

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