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Hugh Hefner’s death: Could the Playmates qualify as ‘spouses’ to claim against the Will?

hugh heffner

Playboy founder, Hugh Hefner, passed away this week, aged 91 years. He was well known for his development of a multimillion dollar empire of mansions, clubs, movies and television, often symbolised by bow-tied women in bunny costumes.

Hefner was married three times during his lifetime and had four children. Hefner remained married to his third wife, Crystal, a former Playmate, at the date of his death.

The big question now being asked is, who will inherit Hefner’s millions? It is rumoured that Crystal, his current wife, could be left with nothing after five years of marriage. It is believed that Hefner never added Crystal to his Will, despite their marriage in 2012.

Hugh’s death has the potential to result in many litigious battles. The first question to be asked is, what is the date of Hefner’s last Will? In Queensland, marriage revokes a Will. So by Crystal not being included in the Will, it would be irrelevant if the Will predated their marriage. By marrying Crystal the last Will would be revoked and, if no further Will was made by Hefner, his estate would be distributed based on the laws of intestacy, which would see Crystal being the main beneficiary of his estate.

If Hefner’s last Will was executed after his marriage to Crystal, then she would have standing to contest the Will as his spouse.

However, what we find most interesting is, given Hefner’s reputation with women, and given that a number of women lived in the Playboy Mansion with Hefner at any one time, the bigger question is – did Hefner die leaving more than one spouse!? It is possible for one person to have died with more than one spouse when it comes to Will and Estate laws. Any of the Playmates could potentially qualify as a ‘defacto’ spouse of Hefner given the relationships that existed in the house and the fact that Hefner resided with all of the Playmates. We are excited to see what distributions are made from Hefner’s estate and what legal claims are made.

We’ll leave you with one of Hefner’s very own quote’s when he was asked if he was going to have a bachelor party before his second wedding. Hefner’s response, “I’ve had a bachelor party for 30 years. Why do I need one now?”. A typical Hef comment!