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Grey nomads beware

By 11 November 2016General Information
Grey Nomads Beware

If you are at that stage in your life where you are looking at retiring and purchasing a caravan, then you should read this.

Under the Motor Dealers and Chattel Auctioneers Act 2014 (the Act) any dealer who is trying to sign you up on the purchase of a caravan is not required under the Act to give you a cooling off period nor are they required to give you any disclosure documentation.

Under the Act a caravan is defined as being a motor vehicle for the purposes of the act. However under section 98 of the Act which deals with cooling off periods and disclosure statements, the definition of used motor vehicle specifically excludes caravan from the definition of the used motor vehicle for the purpose of that section of the Act.

What this means for anyone who is in the market for the purchase of a caravan is that you need to do all of your home work prior to contacting a dealer. You would need to ensure that you have sufficient finance. You would need to make sure what type of caravan you want to purchase. You need to satisfy yourself that you are getting sufficient warranty with the purchase.

If you are unsure about any of these issues, you should consider contacting McNamara Law on 13 58 28 to review the contract prior to signing.