Selling a Property

No matter what stage you are at of selling your property we can help.


Selling a Property in Ipswich, Gatton & Springfield

No matter what stage you are at of selling your property, it is time to put the transaction in the hands of a professional.

Whether you have just decided to put your property on the market, you have an interested Buyer or you have secured a signed Contract, we suggest contacting McNamara’s as soon as possible. We believe that ‘knowledge is power’ therefore we can give you sound legal advice which will make you knowledgeable about every step of the sale process.

Are you aware of your contractual rights as a Seller? What if the Buyer requests extensions? What do I need to do to release my mortgage? Wouldn’t you rather be fully aware of the process and have us with you every step of the way?

Our conveyancing specialist can answer all these questions. Make an appointment today.  Call 13 58 28.

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