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Do you have a right to Compensation?
If you have sustained an injury not in the workplace or in a motor vehicle, you may be entitled to a Public Liability claim Ipswich.

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There is a wide variety of accidents that occupiers and public liability law covers and they include the following:

A right to compensation?

  • injuries sustained during participation in a sport at a venue which is of poor maintenance
  • slips, trips, and falls which may be caused by fluid substance, for example, occurring at a public place such as supermarkets, department stores, or malls
  • labour-hire trauma occurring within the host employer’s private property
  • trauma sustained from dog bites and attacks
  • injuries cause by defective products such as hazardous toys for children, faulty electrical items, and other equipments with manufacturing and design defects
  • accidents from recreational areas such as parks, community playgrounds, school play areas

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Your injury compensation claims may include

  • hospitalisation and medical expenses
  • lost compensation or earnings that a person was entitled to receive as a wage-earner
  • compensation for pain, suffering, and decrease in health status and quality of life
  • home care services

Who can you file a claim against?

A person deemed responsible for the occurrence of an injury may be obliged to pay a compensation for the resulting damages. There are instances where a person may be held responsible even if he/she is not directly the cause of an injury. Such cases may be when an accident happens on the premises or under the management of the occupier.

A property owner or the occupier of such property is under a duty of care to ensure that the premises are hazard free and in circumstances where a hazard is evident, adequate safety precautions are applied.
Examples may be sporting fields or facilities, recreational areas, patios, pergolas, etc.

Filing for a CTP claim

  • document as much information about the accident that happened such as vehicle plate numbers, location of the accident, any witnesses, and other details.
  • immediately go to the nearest police station and report the accident and provide all the relevant information.
  • alongside your claim, attach a copy of a medical certificate stating the details of the injuries you have sustained from the accident.

What you need to do if you want to pursue a public liability claim

  • preserve evidences by photographing any injured part, the cause of the injury, or the place where it occurred
  • immediately have yourself checked by your General Practitioner and inform him or her of the cause of your injury
  • ensure that everything is well-documented and accounted for by holding on to all medical records and bills for all consultations
  • in circumstances where you have received an injury from an object, the object itself if you still have in your possession may serve as a strong evidence


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