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If you are having a business dispute or you think one may arise it will be vital to take advice from an MCNA Lawyer experienced in handling business disputes.


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We aim for ‘win-win’ outcomes so that your business can grow while preserving your personal and business relationship with the other party. If it becomes necessary to apply legal force in order to yield the desired result, McNamara Law are here to assist you to negotiate without being formally represented, negotiating on behalf of you the client, or commencing or defending litigation.

When you become involved in a dispute it is critical to have prompt reliable advice you can rely on and to aggressively prosecute your case when negotiations fail. Our most successful clients seek our advice early and often, whenever a potential dispute rears its head.  This enables McNamara Law to resolve matters promptly and for minimum expense.

We at McNamara Law are enthusiastic litigators in circumstances which demand it.  For you, this time is rarely a profitable or an enjoyable experience and therefore our team will endeavour to exhaust all avenues wherever possible before litigation comes into play.

Negotiated or mediated solutions will be most cost effective in the majority of circumstances, however where it becomes apparent that a commercial outcome will not be realised without litigation we will not hesitate prosecute your claim in the courts. McNamara Law work closely with a number of experienced Barristers who we regularly instruct to represent our clients in the Queensland Supreme Court.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about business disputes.

What are the most common business disputes?

The most common business disputes are:

  • contractual disputes;
  • shareholder or partnership disputes; or
  • professional negligence e.g. discriminatory behaviour, employment breaches, conflict between managers and staff

If in this situation contact McNamara Law immediately to find out where you stand on 135 282.

Does it cost much to litigate?

People underestimate the costs of litigation, the complexities of their case and the financial and emotional toll it pays on business and personal lives.  Our experienced team at McNamara Law ensure that you are informed of all outlays and the progression of your case at all times.

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