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With a solid reputation for providing high-quality legal advice and solutions across diverse industries, what you can expect from McNamara Law is prompt, expert and cost-effective solutions for all your legal needs.

We are experienced with all areas of corporate and business law ranging from the sale and purchase of businesses, corporations law, directors duties, company structures, franchising, trust deeds and commercial leasing.

McNamara Law are committed to guiding you to make the best possible decisions for your current or future business to optimise your capabilities with the least amount of stress. Our Commercial lawyers ensure accurate and efficient guidance leading to the prompt completion of your matters. This is supported by our lawyer’s collective knowledge of 30 years’ experience in commercial matters within the Ipswich and surrounding areas.

If you are just starting your first business, or have a well-established business, be assured we can handle your commercial law matters today!

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Business Structuring

Whether you’re a serial entrepreneur, purchasing an existing business or a tradesperson setting out on your own, starting out in business is an exciting time. No body starts out with the intention of losing their personal assets or having messy legal disputes with their business partners; unfortunately this is often the result. An early investment in a good quality legal advice can pay unknown dividends for your business.

Business Disputes

We aim for ‘win-win’ outcomes so that your business can grow while preserving your personal and business relationship with the other party. If it becomes necessary to apply legal force in order to yield the desired result, McNamara Law are here to assist you to negotiate without being formally represented, negotiating on behalf of you the client, or commencing or defending litigation.

Buying & Selling a Business

Buying or selling a business can be an exciting and stressful time. You need a cool and experienced professional to ensure your interests are protected, and that your business is structured in a way that will serve you into the future.


Leasing allows parties to enter an agreement where one party owns the premises to be leased and the other party occupies or is intending to occupy the premises of a certain period of time.

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