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Brangelina- Where to now?

By 21 September 2016Family Law

It looks like it is over for Hollywood power couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. With six children in tow and an asset pool most of us can only dream of, their lives seem miles apart from we mere mortals.

But are they so different? Here are five reasons why Brad and Angelina aren’t so different to other separating couples.

  1. Brad and Angelina have children together. However they feel about each other, they will have to cut through conflict to make decisions about parenting.
  2. It is likely they will have different ideas about the best interests of the children and the usual disagreements about schooling, medical care, religion and upbringing.
  3. Brad and Angelina will have to negotiate a parenting plan or parenting orders. Will they choose their local McDonalds for changeovers?
  4. Although it is very likely they will have a pre-nuptial agreement, there may still be disagreement about property acquired in the relationship. There are always items you can’t put a price on.
  5. Brad and Angelina will want to reach a settlement about children and property as quickly as possible. They too will want certainty for their children and to move on with their lives.

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