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animal law

By Joshua Brown of McNamara Law Solicitors

At McNamara Law we believe that legal protection for animals is just as important as legal protection for people.

We have experienced Ipswich solicitors who are able to assist you with any legal issues concerning your pet and companion.

There are a number of legal areas that may effect your dog, cat, bird, horse or any other domestic animal you may have such as:-

  1. Veterinary negligence;
  2. Dangerous dogs;
  3. Public nuisance;
  4. Animal contract/ownership disputes;
  5. Pets in wills;
  6. Pets and family law; and
  7. Pet Insurance.

Veterinary negligence;

Just like a Doctor’s treatment of a human, Veterinarians are required to meet a certain standard of care when treating your pet in accordance with the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1936. If you believe that a Veterinarian has failed to treat your pet with the level of care expected, and your pet has suffered harm as a result, then McNamara Law can assist you in seeking compensation for the harm caused by the Veterinarian.

Dangerous dogs and nuisance

If you:

a. have a dog that is claimed to be menacing or dangerous, or if you have been attacked by a dog you believe is menacing or dangerous;  or

b. believe that an animal in your neighborhood is causing excessive noise, or being a nuisance, or if someone has made a complaint about your animal,

then McNamara Law can assist you in understanding your local regulations and assist you in negotiating with your local council or the other party involved to resolve the issue.

Animal contract and ownership disputes

Similarly to any other contractual arrangement, disputes may arise when purchasing an animal, or when determining ownership of an animal when a partnership dissolves, or when boarding your pet.

Ownership issues may not only occur in a family break down (ie who gets to keep the family pet) but also in respect of commercial arrangements such as ownership of racing animals greyhounds and thoroughbreds), show animals or stud animals.

McNamara Law can assist you in mediating the dispute or in more serious circumstances act on your behalf in legal proceedings.

Pets in wills

In Queensland, pets are considered an owners property, and like other property the owner can gift a pet in their will.

McNamara Law Estate Lawyers can assist you in making appropriate provisions in your will for your pet.

Pet Insurance

Some families may have pet insurance to protect their pet if the worst happens however some Insurance companies may deny claims for which you are rightfully insured.

McNamara Law can assist you in resolving disputes with your pets Insurer.

For more information about Animal Law please contact our Mr Joshua Brown on (07) 3812 2300