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5 Day Work Conference – Modern Family

By 21 August 2017Peter's Rant

So what a week! I’ve been away on a 5-day work conference (a bit of learning and a bit of fun) and was delighted to be picked up from the airport by my Fiancée and 11-year-old daughter.

I was glad the public shaming on Facebook with pictures of my credit card statements had stopped and I could spend some quality time with my family.

The mood in the car seemed a bit edgy and quite tense.

I asked my Fiancée why she was so nervous which was strenuously denied and I retreated quickly as I saw the volcano rumbling in anticipation of an argument.

The tension continued to build all the way home.

I couldn’t work out why until I opened the front door of the house.

It looked like we had been robbed! The oversized 1990’s dining room table and chairs were gone, the funky egg chair I bought as a bachelor was missing, most of my clothes were neatly folded on the floor where the dining table had been.

There I was thinking, is this it? Are my bags packed and it’s time to head to the nearest Best Western?

Apparently, the videos my Fiancée had been posting on Facebook while I was away selling all my stuff was real.

I’ve been accused of being a hoarder which I strenuously deny despite the 13 umbrellas I’ve kept for a rainy day.

Thankfully all of this behavior was caused by that and I wasn’t being turfed out of the house…..

We have some great family lawyers here at McNamaras, luckily I’m not going to need one…. this time.

And Another Rant:

My family and I enjoy watching the tv show Modern Family. Apparently, there are some similarities between me and Ed Bundy’s character Jay and whilst she denies it, there is a small resemblance (without the accent but with the passion) between my Fiancée and his wife Gloria.

We watched a funny episode where JJay’sson and his partner talk about virginity.

Miss 11 pipes up “Dad what did he mean by losing his virginity?”

After a deep breath and short explanation a penny drops with Miss 11 “ohhh so that is why the call the Virgin Mary the Virgin Mary”