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Special Practice Areas

McNamara & Associates provide a range of services on a no-win, no-fee basis. Visit our Special Practice Area Website by clicking the above image.

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Family Law

Our Family Law Solicitors at McNamara and Associates are dedicated to solving your family law matters in the most professional, compassionate and cost effective manner. We have the experience required to help you with any parenting, child support, divorce, and property settlement matter.

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McNamara & Associates are renowned for providing quality legal services to the people of Ipswich, Gatton and more recently, Springfield. We are one of the leading Ipswich law firms and we have been helping the people of Ipswich with all

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Commercial Law

If you are in business, you don’t have time to run around for different legal advice. You need fast, expert and cost-effective solutions for all your legal needs. At McNamara & Associates we specialise in all types of commercial advice that any business will ever need.

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Wills & Estates

No one knows when illness or an accident might happen. Who will keep paying your bills or make decisions about your medical treatment? What will happen to your loved ones and your estate after you have gone?

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Disability Superannuation

When you are injured and unable to work or enjoy your usual daily activities you may have insurance coverage that you are not aware of. If you are the dependent of a deceased loved one you or the deceased’s estate may also be entitled to claim on insurance.

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