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Jul 22

Who Can I Leave Out of My Will?

McNamara & Associates

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Recently it came to light that the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman made the decision not to set up any trust fund for his three children. His reasons being that he did not wish them to grow up feeling any sense of entitlement. How Far Does Discretion Extend? Testamentary discretion is an important aspect of succession […]

Jul 18

When Parenting Orders Are Ignored

Parenting Orders

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It’s an all too common scenario. The kids should be back by now the parenting orders said so, but they aren’t. It’s an obvious breach, or is it? Parenting Orders A parenting order is a court order and differs from a parenting plan. A parenting plan is an agreement by the parties made by consent. […]

May 27

Consumer Protection – Buying a Car: A Case Study

McNamara & Associates

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When you purchase goods in Australia they come with guarantees and obligations in relation to quality. Consumer law protects Australians from being misled or deceived by businesses, but the common law also places obligations on the buyer to take precautions as well. The Case In a recent Federal Court decision, the Court was presented with […]