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Apr 17

Statutory Review of the PPSA Announced

McNamara & Associates

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This month the Federal Government announced that it has requested a review of the Personal Property Securities Act 2009. The Act has been in operation for 2 years now, and will be reviewed to ensure that it is meeting its objectives. The review will encompass The effects that the PPSA on Australian businesses, in particular […]

Apr 16

When Can A Business Discriminate

When can a business discriminate

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On occasion you may see an advertisement that calls on applicants for a job from a particular background or gender. You might also know of clubs or businesses that cater specifically to a certain group or groups of people. This is, on face value, discrimination. As a very general rule, businesses and other groups are […]

Mar 3

Haggarty v Wood – Testamentary Contract and Undue Influence

Last will and testament

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The plaintiff in Haggarty v Wood sought to overturn various Wills executed by the deceased during his lifetime and also sought to overturn transfers of assets made by the deceased during his lifetime (inter vivos transactions).  Rebekah Sanfuentes, of McNamara & Associates North Ipswich office, acted on behalf of the defendant to seek that the […]