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McNamara & Associates have been taking care of all the legal requirements of the people and businesses in the Ipswich and Gatton regions of Queensland for over 70 years. Today we are one of the largest law firms in the local area, with offices in Brisbane, Central Ipswich, North Ipswich, Gatton, and Springfield. Contact McNamara & Associates on 1300 574 974 today.

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Statutory Review of the PPSA Announced

April 17th by brisbane

This month the Federal Government announced that it has requested a review of the Personal Property Securities Act 2009. The Act has been in operation for 2 years now, and will be reviewed to ensure that it is meeting its objectives. The review will encompass The effects that the PPSA on Australian businesses, in particular […]

When Can A Business Discriminate

April 16th by brisbane

On occasion you may see an advertisement that calls on applicants for a job from a particular background or gender. You might also know of clubs or businesses that cater specifically to a certain group or groups of people. This is, on face value, discrimination. As a very general rule, businesses and other groups are […]

Haggarty v Wood – Testamentary Contract and Undue Influence

March 3rd by brisbane

The plaintiff in Haggarty v Wood sought to overturn various Wills executed by the deceased during his lifetime and also sought to overturn transfers of assets made by the deceased during his lifetime (inter vivos transactions).  Rebekah Sanfuentes, of McNamara & Associates North Ipswich office, acted on behalf of the defendant to seek that the […]

Commercial Leases in Australia

January 21st by brisbane

In general, a Commercial Lease refers to an agreement between a landlord and a tenant to rent a commercial property. This may be for the use of an office, retail space, car park, or industrial premises like a factory, a warehouse or shop for a certain period of time and for an agreed monthly rental […]

What is the Requirement of Common Law Legality in a Contract?

January 8th by brisbane

A contract is an agreement, voluntarily entered into by 2 or more parties for the purpose of creating obligations on both parties. Contracts play a part in many areas of life, from multi-million dollar business deals to the purchasing of goods from the local shopping centre. The Elements of a Contract Generally a Contract must […]

What is an Easement?

January 5th by brisbane

An easement is a right over another persons land for a specific purpose.  One example of a common easement is for carriageway. A carriageway easement is an old term for what is generally a driveway. Most commonly these easements prevent one lot from being landlocked with no access to a road. An easement will always […]

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