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November 7th by brisbane

Many commercial and retail landlords incentivise their tenants by providing rent free periods and fit – out contributions.  Commonly, landlords require the tenant (and/or the guarantors) to repay all or part of such incentives if the lease is terminated due to the tenant’s default. The recent Supreme Court of Queensland decision of GWC Property Group Pty […]


November 4th by brisbane

Do you update your social media profiles regularly?  Are you ever tempted to vent online about someone or something that has annoyed you?  Do you ever speculate or take your opinions to “tweet”?  If so, you might need to rethink your actions in light of a recent NSW case, the first of its kind in […]


October 30th by brisbane

Are you a business that holds client information?   Do you use “the cloud” to store information?  Do you have  any international clients or a turnover of more than $3 million per year? If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions then  you need to know about the new  privacy laws that commenced in March this year. The new privacy laws called,  Australian Privacy Principles (APPs), are […]

Think Seriously Before You Lease

September 16th by brisbane

A lease is a serious long-term financial commitment, sometimes stretching into the hundreds of thousands of dollars over the term of the lease. Prior to agreeing to any lease, we recommend that you obtain professional accountancy and taxation advice to ensure you understand the full extent of the financial commitment you (or your business) is […]

The Urgency to Think About Your Property Settlement Now

September 16th by brisbane

If you have separated from your spouse and have not been able to agree on who gets the house, business, superannuation etc you can ask the Court to decide right? Not always, is what the Courts are now saying. According to recent cases, the Court will not always agree to decide who gets what property […]

Who Can I Leave Out of My Will?

July 22nd by brisbane

Recently it came to light that the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman made the decision not to set up any trust fund for his three children. His reasons being that he did not wish them to grow up feeling any sense of entitlement. How Far Does Discretion Extend? Testamentary discretion is an important aspect of succession […]

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